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Red Rose Red Red Roses show love, passion, respect or courage. Red roses of any hue say "I love you" deep red roses imply unconscious beauty
Pink Rose Pink Pink Roses communicate happiness, appreciation, admiration, friendship, sympathy, perfect happiness or "Please Believe Me"
Dark Pink Rose Dark Pink Thankfulness
Light Pink Rose Light Pink Light pik rose denotes grace, joy, gentility and admiration
White Rose White White roses signify spiritual love and purity; love not just of the body, but of the soul; bridal white means happy love. White roses can also signify secrecy reverence humility, innocence, or charm
Lavender Rose Lavender Symbolizes love at first sight and enhancement.
Yellow Rose Yellow Yellow roses shows "I care"; friendship, joy, gladness or freedom. Historically, they meant a decrease of love and infidelity.
Coral Rose Coral Coral roses imply desire.
Peach Rose Peach indicate modesty. 
Orange Rose Orange display a feeling of enthusiasm, desire and fascination.
  Red & White Red & White roses mixed together signify unity.
  Red & Yellow Red & Yellow rose together say "Congratulations" 
  Yellow & Orange Yellow & Orange in combination imply passionate thoughts.



Red rose bud - Pure and Lovely, A thorn less Rose - Love at First Sight
A single rose denotes perpetual love or "I still love you"
Pale-colored roses signify friendship. 
Delicate and lustrous, the rose is the principal messenger of love
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